Replacement Doors

Replacement Doors, Drawers & Worktops

We can work with the units you already have to create your new look, and if desired we can add framework in to create a new layout, add a new apsect or centre piece.

Keeping your exisitng framework and replacing your doors is a much faster process than renovating your entire kitchen, with far less work and upheavel.

Please note as our doors are made to order and are bespoke to each customer they start at £45 and there is a minimum order of £500.

Replacement Kitchen Doors Utility Room

Does your kitchen need a makeover? Is it looking a little dated or do you just fancy something different? Your first thought is probably to replace your whole kitchen, but if you are looking for something more affordable replacing your exisiting doors, drawer fronts and worktops may be a smarter alternative. Replacing your doors can completely change the look and feel of your space so if you are happy with the layout but just want to update or change the design of your doors this could be the solution for you!

Replacement Door Designs

All our doors and drawer fronts are made from quality materials and can have either a vinyl or painted finish.The images below are some of the styles and colours we can manufacture, there are more on display in our showroom so feel free to pop in for a more thorough look.

Vinyl is the most popular finish chosen by our customers; it is hard-wearing, long lasting and there is a wide selection of colours available to choose from.


Painted finishes are equally as hard-wearing and long lasting however we are able to mix up to 2000 colours providing you a endless choice or if you already have a colour in mind we can match it.